Turbo Inventory has a robust ordering module, and is flexible to accommodate your preferences. It may be that you have an ordering system you currently use that you don’t want to move away from. If so, we have you covered: you can continue to order through that system, and just do Receiving Orders to add the inventory to your stock.

Our Purchase Order system allows you to work with Suppliers (also known as Vendors) you’ve saved in the system to put together a printable order you can send to the supplier. You may see ‘PO’ as a short way to write Purchase Order (sometimes also referred to as Copy Order) and ‘RO’ as short for Receiving Order, in our documentation, and the ordering system is often referred to as PO/RO.

When you create a Purchase Order, think of it as your original reference set of the items on order. Once you’ve sent it, you’re basically waiting to start receiving the items. They may come all in one shipment, or they may be scattered out in several shipments, but you can always go back to the Purchase Order and see that original reference set of all the items (that’s what you see when you first open it). You can also see any Receiving Orders that resulted from those shipments, and each of those will be sub-sets of that original reference set of items.

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