In this quick video I am going to show you how to use the Turbo Inventory app to give you access to products and stock on hand anywhere, anytime, allowing you to check your stock levels and pricing on the go.

Log into your mobile app and tap on products. This list will show you all of your sellable products from your Turbo Inventory account with real time stock availability.

To view a products details simply tap on the product you wish to view.

Use this page to show your customers your products whilst you are with them.

Tap on the Stock icon to view your stock availability in each of your warehouses.

Here, you can give customers an indication of if you have the specific products in stock, or if you need to backorder giving them a better idea of when to expect their order.

Competently manage your customers expectations when it comes to pricing by having the Sale Price and Cost Price at your fingertips whenever you see them.

Using the app to view your products and this way, enables you to have the correct information on hand without ever needing to call back to the office and interrupting your one on one time with your customers. Thank you for watching

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