Centralize your inventory for all of your sales channel.

You can efficiently manage your greatest investment with the help of cloud-based ERP software, which also gives you access to real-time inventory data.

Inventory management that’s seamless, easy and efficient.

Give your inventory the treatment it deserves.

No matter how much product you manage, get fast visibility into stock levels and order statuses. Upgrade from clumsy old models to genuine cloud ERP software’s speed, intuitiveness, and cost-effectiveness.

Pricing and Margins you can count on

Avoid making costly errors. Turbo Inventory will produce client pricing, tax, margins, and product prices for you automatically. Orders can be completed with assurance knowing that your data is reliable.

Add multiple price tiers for each product and assign a price tier to each customer. This guarantees that the appropriate price, discount, and tax are applied consistently for each purchase.

Viewing margins on sales orders will allow you to know exactly how much profit you will generate from each and every sale. When charges and discounts are implemented, your margins will change immediately, assisting you in making more successful business decisions.

Traceability made easy

We are aware that manually tracking your Batches takes time.
You can easily track and trace all of your products with Turbo Inventory.

Just give your items batch numbers when you first set them up in Turbo Inventory.

Follow the progress of your items from purchasing to the final sale.

Automate Reorders and Backorders

Take comfort in knowing that you will always have ample stock.
You can use Turbo Inventory to create low stock reorder milestones that, when reached, will automatically generate a purchase order.
Our automated backorder system, meanwhile, guarantees that orders are filled as soon as stock is received.

Every item includes a thorough stock history that makes it simple to view a thorough resupply log for quantity, date, and allocated team members.

See each product’s profitability — and identify new efficiencies
to grow it.

Boost stock accuracy

Barcode scanning drastically minimizes the amount of manual entry, which lowers the possibility of human error and increases your confidence in the quality of your stock data.

Utilize stock adjustments

Your business will have the information it needs for accurate financial statements, better decision-making, and process improvements if stock adjustments are understood and applied appropriately.

Gain clarity

Easily and precisely keep track of every item in your inventory.
No matter the inventory size or range of products

Client Review’s

Man & Beast

Wholesale, 1-5 Employees

It’s a very straight forward system with multiple features that are useful for the company. Provides different ways to get good reports and it’s user friendly.


Retail, 5-10 Employees

We have 3 Sales Reps in the field that use Turbo Inventory every day. The main features we use are invoicing and payments, printing and inventory control. The system itself runs at, I would guess, 98% efficiency and very little need for support. And when we do need it David is our contact and he is always on it

Oliver Laheen

Plant Sales

For my Plant Sales business, I needed a solution that replaces an outdated manual invoicing system. Turbo Inventory made it simpler and easier to invoice. Now, I spend less time manually and more time to help clients with their queries. Incredibly intuitive invoicing software.