It’s 2023, and it’s more important than ever to stay on top of your payments process. If you’re like most businesses, you’re likely sending invoices by email, but this can lead to delays. In fact, Stripe takes an average of 2 days to get you up and running! That’s why we recommend using Turbo Inventory in conjunction with Stripe: Turbo Inventory is a lean ERP system that automates invoice payment chasing and uses Stripe, a payment processor, to allow your customers to pay their bills faster than ever before. Together we can help you get paid faster

Get paid quicker by creating beautiful quotes, that can be converted to invoices in 1 click.

When you create an quote, you will automatically be prompted to convert the quote into an invoice. This means that you can easily stay on top of your outstanding invoices and make sure that they are paid as soon as possible.

You also have the option of adding customers to your customer list and sending them a quote or invoice by email. You can also track quotes that you have sent out in this way, so if a client has not approved the quote, then it will show up in your actions portal and you will know when you need to chase up

What is Stripe?

Stripe is a payment processor that allows you to accept payments online. They are one of the leading API providers in the world and offer services to help your business process payments, manage subscriptions and track sales activities on your website. Stripe has been around since 2010 so they have a very strong reputation for being easy to use, reliable and secure when it comes to payment processing solutions for businesses around the world.

When you sign up with Turbo Inventory we will guide you through the steps to get up and running with Stripe. Using Stripe allows you to send a Pay Now link in every Invoice and Payment Reminder Email. When on site with your Customers you can use the Turbo Inventory App and a Stripe Payment Terminal to take an instant payment

Send follow-ups and automated reminders

Sending reminders via email is an easy way to make sure your customers don’t forget. You can set up reminders to be sent automatically after a specific number of days, at the same time each day, or when the invoice is approved by you. Reminders can also be sent directly to the customer’s inbox if you want them reminded right away.

The reminder will include all of the information about why it was sent (due date, amount owed) as well as links for paying immediately.

Staying on top of your payments processing will help keep your business in flow.

There are many different ways to process payments, and each way has advantages and disadvantages. The best solution for you depends on your business size, budget, and preferences.

One thing is for sure: staying on top of your payments will help keep your business in flow. This can be achieved by making sure that invoices are sent out promptly when an order comes in, then tracking the payment status until it’s paid in full. When a customer pays by card online, Stripe sends data about this transaction back through our API so we can record it as settled—and send a notification to let you know that payments have been made!

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David Joyce

Prior to building Turbo Inventory, I built inventory and order management software for Retail Solutions. I started with them in 2006 and quickly became the Lead Software Developer and then the Software Architect. During this time I wrote the Inventory Software, Point Of Sale Software, and Mobile Inventory apps for the largest retail businesses in Ireland, the UK and Australia. Examples of these businesses are BWG Foods, Spar, Insomnia, Gala, Carry Out. Since starting Joyce Software, I have created Turbo Inventory and won several awards, including AIBF Independent Software Development Company of the Year 2022

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