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Stay in control of your veterinary practice.

Monthly Updates

With free monthly updates, Turbo Inventory is always improving and always adding new features. Want a new feature? Your vet practice can request and vote on the features you want!

Better Financials

Turbo Inventory manages your stock, ordering, and sales. We provide great real-time reports and graphs. This means you can keep all your data in one place… well actually in every place, the cloud!

Calendar Schedule

Manage your time more effectively and set up functional appointments with our calendar planning guide to achieve increased clinic outputs. Easily access key information through colors.

Turbo Inventory has many features which are designed specifically for large animal practices.

Using Turbo Inventory to enter large animal dockets is easy. The client details can be selected by entering all or part of their name/address/phone number (no need to remember codes). Selecting drugs and/or treatments is just as easy. Alternatively select from the alphabetical list of items. Once selected the description of that drug or treatment is entered along with appropriate pricing. Change the dosage, and the pricing changes. Select a handling fee to cover syringes, needles etc.

Your drugs register is automatically filled out and you have an opportunity to select from the batch numbers in stock and enter the tag number. Don’t worry if the tag number isn’t available at this stage as the docket can be edited later to include the tag number, in fact any item can be changed later if necessary. Print your drugs register by day, week, month – for a particular client or for all clients. In fact the register is completely searchable even by tag and batch number!
Turbo Inventory has been designed to import the XML Medicine list from You won’t find this feature on any other cloud software!

It is not always easy to maintain an up-to-date price list as increases from suppliers, as buying patterns change constantly and Rebates. Turbo Inventory allows you to update your retail price based on a change in the cost price of any item with one click. By simply entering the supplier invoice it is possible to automatically change the retail price and maintain your margin on any changed item. In any busy practice this could have an effect of 10%-20% on your gross profit.

Linked procedures allow for a ‘standard procedure’ to be created in the price list for conditions that regularly present. It helps prevent missed charges, reduce stock quantity, fill in the drugs register automatically, add value to the bottom line and present an itemised bill to the client. With the click of a button, a standard list of chargeable items will appear on the invoice that can be easily amended or deleted, as appropriate. The procedure function will allow for the automatic increase of prices when costs increase thereby maintaining margin.

There are several different statement types to choose from. The most common allows you to print an invoice/statement for a particular month or range of months. It details the line items for each docket and provides a running balance throughout the report making it easy to read and understand thereby reducing client queries.

Maintain product and supplier rebate rules within your system for accurate costing information
You won’t find this feature on any other Irish cloud veterinary software!

— Prescription label printing
— Integrated to accounts system
— Sales and purchase ledger
— Report by veterinary surgeon
— Vat accounting
— Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
— Fully searchable database design
— No installation required
— PC Windows and Macintosh compatible

Detailed Sales, Inventory and Purchases Reporting

Tracking your numbers has never been easier. Whether you want an in-depth report on lasts week’s sales, or you need last years VAT report, or your accountant is looking for the Customer liability for last month, Turbo Inventory provides all these figures with one click. Margin Visibility: YES! Inventory Valuation: YES, Detailed history by Customer: YES!

Everything you need to manage your business

Stock Control

Whether you sell bundled, serialized or unique items that require multiple variations, we have the tools you need to keep your stock moving.

Sell Anywhere

Create and send online invoices from any device, making it easy to manage your business on-the-go.

Save Time

Save time by automatically billing long-term clients with recurring invoices.


Items sold, total sales over any period of time and profits, everything you need to know about your business is right here in the system.


What are my best selling items? Which items are gathering dust? How often do my best customers buy? Your data is translated into tips and insights that will make you sell more.


Never send a customer over to a competitor. You will know before you run low with powerful, condition-based alerts. Never say, “I’m sorry, we don’t have it in stock,” again.


Keep all your customer and supplier data in one place, complete with purchase histories and customer-specific insights.

Purchase Orders

Handle incoming inventory like a pro. You can create purchase orders with your business logo, and receive them in just a few clicks. A paper trail never looked so good.

Margin visibility

You will have full visibility and accurate reporting on the actual margin for each product, across every sale.

Price Lists

Manage promotional pricing for your loyal customers, even the complex pricing policy can be a child’s play.

Syncing to QuickBooks

Automatically sync daily sales summaries and detailed inventory information.

Work smarter

All your inventory and order data is backed up, synced, and secure in the cloud.

How can Turbo Inventory save/make me money?

By charging correctly using the built in pricing and linked procedure system, to saving money by using cost efficient technologies such as SMS text and email. In addition manage your costs and margins from your suppliers so profits aren’t eroded. Also as it is cloud based this reduces your in house IT costs. There are many ways that Turbo Inventory will increase profitability and save money.

Can I store X-Rays/Dicom images in Turbo Inventory?

Yes, Dicom images, x-rays, photos, movies and voice notes may all be stored within Turbo Inventory. These are then available to your staff anywhere in the world, and if you decide to make them available to your clients they can see then in their client portal

Does Turbo Inventory help with my onboarding?

We understand the transition to a new Practice Management System is no small feat, so we’re with you every step of the way. Our Implementation Specialists ensure you’re set up for success.

Will Turbo Inventory do my VAT?

Yes, Turbo Inventory calculates VAT (both Sales and Purchase) on either Cash Receipt basis or Invoice basis. VAT can be calculated bi-monthly, quarterly and annually. The Turbo Inventory VAT system is compatible with VAT systems in Ireland, the UK and the rest or Europe.

Is Turbo Inventory compliant with the Department of Agriculture Legislation?

Turbo Inventory and Turbo Inventory Go App are compliant with the Department of Agriculture Regulation 43 of the Animals Remedies (No. 2) Regulations 2007 for the printing of prescriptions and the maintenance of a drugs register.

Can Turbo Inventory be used for branch practice?

Yes, as Turbo Inventory is cloud based, you can run it in your branch practice.