Man and Beast’s Management Made Easier With Turbo Inventory


Man and Beast work with the lead nutritionists at Mervue Laboratories, developing products with enhanced formulations to protect your animals and accelerate their performance.


Man and Beast has sales reps on the road, admin in the office, and multiple locations (including an warehouse). They needed a system that would allow their sales reps to post Sales Invoice and check product availability even when they had no internet connection. They also wanted to go paperless and have the off site warehouse alerted automatically. This was along with all the usual issue with running a business


Turbo Inventory and Turbo Inventory’s On the Road app was able to cover all their needs. Turbo Inventory multi-location option meant they didn’t need any additional software for their warehouse. On the Road app gave the Sales Reps everything they needed to provide the best customer support possible


Since implementing Turbo Inventory Man and Beast were able to leverage it tools and ease of use to serve an even large customer base and go international

It’s a very straight forward system with multiple features that are useful for the company. Provides different ways to get good reports and it’s user friendly. – David

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