I have decided to take a bold step with Joyce Software and that is to start been extremely transparent about what we are working on and the future of where we are taking Turbo Inventory.

You might be thinking, ‘Isn’t this sort of risky? Telling everyone — even your competition — what you’re working on?

In a way you would be right, but on the other side I believe this will be better for everyone in the long term and not just Joyce Software

Building in the open could positively impact:

The Joyce Software team. It encourages us to think more long term and be more deliberate about what features we build.

Current and New Customer. We hope you’ll feel more closely connected to the features we’re building and what they could do to make your business easier and more successful. For potential new customers they will also be able to see the powerful new feature coming

Our competition. Yes, even our competitors could be better off. And that’s a good thing! Maybe they’ll see something we’re working on and fill the need a little differently. Or they’ll be inspired to build a similar feature. For us, this is more than OK. There’s plenty of opportunity for everyone to be successful!

The startup and business community. Joyce Software is a small company, and we still have a lot to learn. By sharing our failures and successes, we’d love to play a small part in helping people fulfill their dreams and start a company, or grow an existing company in a more effective way.

So please check out our roadmap and if there is any feature you think we should add, please let us know


About the Author

David Joyce

Prior to writing Turbo Inventory, I built inventory and order management software for a company called Retail Solutions. I started with them in 2006 and quickly became the Lead Software Developer and then the Software Architect. During this time I wrote the Inventory Software, Point Of Sale Software, Mobile Inventory apps for the largest retail businesses in Ireland, the UK and Australia. Examples of these businesses are BWG Foods, Insomnia, Gala, Carry Out. Since starting Joyce Software, I have created Turbo Inventory and won several awards, including AIBF Independent Software Development Company of the Year 2022

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