Looking for an alternative to Unleashed?

Unleashed is a great option that simplifies your inventory management processes. However, if you are looking for an alternative to Unleashed, you should look for software that can do more than your inventory management. Turbo Inventory is capable of taking care of your Work Shop, orders, accounting and marketing, as well as your inventory

Turbo Inventory , as well as Unleashed is cloud-based and doesn’t require any additional installations. It is focused on the customers experience, so it is responsive and easy to navigate. Also, you can add an unlimited number of users with custom user roles.

Starting Price€200/month
(Unlimited Users)
(3 Users)
Inventory ManagementTurbo InventoryUnleashed
Email AlertsYES
Batch\Serial TrackingYESYES
Low Stock AlertsYESYES
Custom FiltersYESYES
Purchase OrdersYESYES
Product VariationsYESYES
Product ImportYESYES
Customer ManagementTurbo InventoryUnleashed
Identify Sales OpportunitiesYESYES
Profitability AnalysisYES
Customisable TaggingYES
Audit TrailYES
WorkShop ManagementTurbo InventoryUnleashed
Repair TrackingYES
Equipment HistoryYES
Text\SMS MessagesYES
One Click to InvoiceYES
Track Staff LabourYES
Other FeaturesTurbo InventoryUnleashed
Activity DashboardYES
Permission ManagementYES
Customisable BrandingYES
Free TrialYESYES
Unlimited UsersYES

Unleashed software is a cloud-based system that takes care of your inventory. It has integrations, like Amazon, Magento, Shopify, etc. Unleashed creates an access to real-time inventory management, sending invoices to your customers and accurately calculates your profit margins. However, it lacks the majority of basic features e-commerce sellers use in their daily business operations. Turbo Inventory offers you the full package for a fraction of the price