Looking for an alternative to VetSCOPE?

VetSCOPE is a great option that simplifies running your veterinary practice (customers who have moved from VetSCOPE to Turbo Inventory have told us that been able to pay off specific invoices, a feature missing in VetSCOPE, was worth the move). However, if you are looking for an alternative to VetSCOPE, you should look for software that can do more for your veterinary practice. Turbo Inventory is capable of taking care of your small animals, large animals, Equine, orders, accounting and marketing, as well as your inventory

Turbo Inventory, unlike VetSCOPE, is cloud-based and doesn’t require any additional installations. It is focused on the customers experience, so it is responsive and easy to navigate. Also, you can add an unlimited number of users with custom user roles.

We have found Turbo Inventory extremely easy to use. Anytime we needed to ask something we found the Customer support excellent. We had some software suggestions and they were taken on board and added almost immediately. From a back end side the reporting (from day to day to yearly) is outstanding.

Paul Cummins Veterinary Clinic
Practice ManagementTurbo InventoryVetSCOPE
FREE Mobile AppYES
Live Mobile AppYES
One Click VAT reportingYES
Track Staff LabourYES
Report by veterinary surgeonYESYES
Prescription label printing**YESYES
Animal HistoryYESYES
Text\SMS MessagesYESYES
Inventory ManagementTurbo InventoryVetSCOPE
Email AlertsYES
Batch\Serial TrackingYESYES
Low Stock AlertsYES
Custom FiltersYES
Purchase OrdersYESYES
Product VariationsYESYES
Product ImportYESYES
Customer ManagementTurbo InventoryVetSCOPE
Identify Sales OpportunitiesYES
Profitability AnalysisYES
Customisable TaggingYES
Audit TrailYES
Invoice\Statement Emailing*YESYES
Other FeaturesTurbo InventoryVetSCOPE
Activity DashboardYES
Permission ManagementYESYES
Online Customer PortalYES
Customisable BrandingYES
Free TrialYES
Unlimited UsersYES

* Unlike VetSCOPE, Turbo Inventory does not restrict you to using Gmail, you are free to use any email provider
** Both VetSCOPE and Turbo Inventory are compliant with the Department of Agriculture legislation for the printing of prescriptions and the maintenance of a drugs register

Turbo Inventory focuses on building a better relationship between vet practices and pet owners, while providing all the necessary tools for digital practices:

  • Patients & Clients Management
  • Electronic Health Records
  • Appointments & Reminders
  • Stock Management
  • Reports
  • Invoicing