We’re stepping up to help businesses impacted.

On November 10th, Xero announced that they had acquired LOCATE Inventory and it is shutting down. Going forward, LOCATE Inventory will not be signing up any new customers, and their current customer based will probably have to start looking for a new solution

With the economy picking up, we’ve decided to help as many affected businesses and their partners as we can.  We’ve put together a special offer for anyone currently using LOCATE Invenory.

  • 50% off for your first year
  • Offer valid until the 1st of January 2023

We’re confident we can help you transition smoothly from LOCATE Inventory to Turbo Inventory. On average, the time needed to be up and running with Turbo Inventory ranges from 3 weeks for standard implementations and up to 6 to 8 weeks for complex implementations.

“…The system itself runs at, I would guess, 98% efficiency and very little need for support…”

Conory Agri Supplies

The best place to start is to talk with our inventory and warehousing expert. They will help you map out a migration plan at no expense to you, including:

  • Evaluating your business requirements
  • Answering questions about converting from LOCATE Inventory
  • Discussing the best ways to prepare your team for navigating the change with minimal disruption

What does this mean for you and your business?

Xero is planning to “…embed LOCATE’s inventory management capability, talent and expertise into its business” which means that LOCATE Inventory will no longer exist. While this is going on LOCATE won’t have resources to maintain it current application. Will you be able to rely on LOCATE Inventory to fix bugs or add in new features to keep your running… probably not!

What can you do about it?

As a recognized leader in the Inventory Management, Turbo Inventory have been helping our customers migrate from legacy systems and avoid major disruptions for many years.

“For my Plant Sales business, I needed a solution that replaces an outdated manual invoicing system. Turbo Inventory made it simpler and easier to invoice. Now, I spend less time manually and more time to help clients with their queries. Incredibly intuitive invoicing software

Oliver – OL Plant Sales

Turbo Inventory cloud inventory software provides operational efficiency, detailed cost insights, accurate stock control and in-depth reporting at an affordable price. With deep experience in all major ecosystems, new customers coming from TradeGecko can rest assured that their migration experience will involve minimal disruption and result in enhanced business value with a modern system. 

“We have found Turbo Inventory extremely easy to use. Anytime we needed to ask something we found the Customer support excellent. We had some software suggestions and they were taken on board and added almost immediately. From a back end side the reporting (from day to day to yearly) is outstanding.”

Paul – Ballinarobe Veterinary Clinic

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